Monday, 30 January 2012

Playing around in my head

I daydreamed a lot as a kid.  As the last comic and this comic show, I had made up a place called Lingolia as a kid.  That was my nation.  I even drew maps of it and other continent/countries.  There were always wars between these nations. 

My fixation with Freelancer also spawned an imaginary realm.  This one turned everything, from plastic toys to music stands into space ships.  Houses were just fortified areas of space, walled in space systems to ensure maximum control/efficiency.  Again, the name of the systems and the places were inspired by real life people in my life.  My faction's navy had outposts everywhere including the Church washroom, a Jazz club washroom, a room in a friends house, etc.

I love making fictional worlds.  I usually don't daydream anymore, which saddens me, but I suppose writing these fantasies down instead of running around the backyard is more 'mature'.  God I miss being a kid.


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