Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The death of a cat and stupid me

No, the two aren't related.

So today I was at work, assuming the schedule was the same as it always is.  Monday I work 6 till 2:30, Tuesday 6-11, Wednesday off and both Thursday and Friday are 8 hour shifts.  Not the case this week.  My day off was moved to today and my 5 hour shift moved to Friday.  So I dunno if I'm getting paid for what I did today or what but I feel stupid.

Regarding a cat dying, my sister's cat is dead after owning him for 10 years.  I've known this cat, Venom, for as long as she's had him.  He a was loud, cuddly and friendly black cat.  Now the only pet she has is the smaller, black tom named Vader who just recently graduated from being called a kitten to full cat status.  He likes scratching me. 

Pets have always had a fond place in my heart.  Although I wasn't as close to Venom as I was to my dog Shasta when he died, I do feel sad now learning about his passing.

A good cat, may he yowl in the afterlife.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Weird thought at work

What if a device was created that allowed not only the recording of dreams but the broadcasting of dreams to others?  We could have professional dreamers, it could be a new art medium.

Total. Mental. Immersion.

That would be so cool...