Thursday, 21 August 2014

What the heck

It's me!  This is for an Escapist thread but I'll toss it up here too.  I'm on the left and a friend from school is on my right.  We were the sound team for a shoot and someone wanted a picture of both of us.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Monday, 18 August 2014

BTW POKEMON REVIEWS (and other things)

I've been informed I'm not rambling enough.

Well, here's a thing I'm doing:

Click here! 

I've started an ambitious review project for that game series I know and love so well.  Remember NOT to comment on this first installment as you can get mod wrathed for bumping old user reviews!

Anyway, that first episode was a lot of fun and I'm slowly gathering my wits to write Episode 2: Pokemon Art Style and Gameplay.  After that for Episode 3 I was going to concentrate on each game's story, focusing not only on the general plots of each game but on all the dialogue and hidden gems that make their worlds feel so vast.  After that I was going to do a concluding thread in which I crown an overall victor when it comes to which Generation that I, in the most objective way I can, determine to be the best.

A big motivator for doing this was the coming release of the 3rd Generation remakes.  Without sitting down and writing these reviews, I don't think I can say for certain which generation I love the most.


Anyway, that's kind of my project I'm doing for fun on the side. 

News for my life in general?  I have to figure out an auto-claim for my car (joy), secure my finances for this semester (also fun) and not lose all my money in the intermediate period.  Also I got fired.

July sucked but so far I'm making August, albeit a lonely month, a fun one.

I'm also playing loads of World of Tanks, gonna try to get into the World of Warships closed Beta and am going to try and write some more before summer ends.  A weekend at a campsite would be nice.

So would a girlfriend.  Be nice I mean. <.<