Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Like a book. Reading myself from left to right.

So I've just completed my original vision for what I wanted out of body art.  Something on my left side symbolizing the past in general, my past and relating to games.  Now I have something on my right sided symbolizing the future, my future and relating to games.

Ladies and gentlemen; the Kusari flag.  Kusari, if you don't know, is from the game Freelancer (my absolute favorite game of all time) and is a nation of Japanese colonists who fled Earth in the distant future.  They are very advanced technologically and have a great work ethic due to the restrictions of the zone of space they inhabit.  Kusari, I'm informed, is translated into 'armor' (or at least a kind of armor).  Fighting spirit and innovation are the hallmarks of the colony.

In my future I will be facing restrictions in my life.  I know I'm going to be living below the poverty line when I'm on my own, trying to find film work in a province far away from my parents.  I can't depend on them forever.  I must armor myself to meet this future, I must be ready to adapt.  I must be fierce in my belief of my own individuality and of my view on the world.

It also helps that I think the flag looks f*cking sweet!

That aside, I do have strong emotions attached to this tattoo.  Well, emotions other then the unceasing pain I feel in my arm while I type out this blog.  This year is going to be very important to me in my life.  I'm going on a journey right now that I never expected to board.  But I bought my ticket and I'm too invested to get off now.  My future is rushing towards me in the coming months and I must be clad in armor, ready to deal with whatever it brings.

This will be my last tattoo for a long, long time.  They cost money, they hurt, they have a fairly annoying recovery time.  I have to be absolutely certain of myself when I get one and I was for this one.  With Zapdos on my left shoulder reminding me of who I was as a kid, what I dreamed of and how I saw myself and this new tattoo I feel I'm ready to move on.


That's what's happening with me this very second.

In other news, I don't have a positive timeline for actually setting up or posting the video journals I made already.  I have no idea if I'll actually go through with them. <_<

Take care.