Saturday, 10 November 2012

Wreck-it Ralph, Awesomeness and a somber weekend

Some of you might have heard about that Disney video gaming movie that came out.  Well I saw it.  It was really good and it could have held up on its own without all the video game injokes and cameos.

The real story about yesterday however is that I got to meet an Escapist for the first time in the flesh. AwesomeExpress and I have known for awhile we were within driving distance.  So yesterday I finally did something about it by arranging a meeting.

It was the first time I ever met someone I've only talked to via online means before and it went pretty well!  We hung out talking at a Tim Hortons.  Then we went and saw Taken 2 at a cheap theater for 7 bucks (it wasn't the greatest movie ever but hey, cheap is cheap).  After that we went to a Montana's Cookhouse and talked some more over steak.  We finished the night by going to see Wreck-it Ralph in 3D and I drove him home in a snowstorm.

So I foresee some future hangouts with the guy.  It was really damn cool and I'm sure we'll have more things to nerd out over.

Now to shift the mood of the post to a more somber direction, tomorrow is Remembrance day.  November 11th was the day that WWI officially ended and so on the 11th hour of the 11th month people in the Commonwealth (which includes Canada) remember those who have fallen for their country and for our future.

My participation in the ceremony has been, for the last 5 or so years, to play The Last Post at exactly 11 AM.  It's not a complicated song but it does take concentration.

For those of you who don't know, the poppies symbolize Flanders in Belgium where the flower's red petals seem to remind us of blood and bloodshed.  Plastic copies are pinned onto the left top corner of Canadian's shirts, over the heart, to demonstrate participation in the remembrance (although they fall off all the time -.-).  Veterans of WWII, the Korean War and most recently Afghanistan participate in these ceremonies across the country.

I take my volunteering to play the Last Post seriously and as someone who is fascinated by history I know that I never, ever want to see it repeated.  It's an important part of my life that comes around six days after my birthday.  My family lost men in WWI and my grandfather was only spared the horrors of war because he was drafted in 1945, just prior to Germany's surrender.  He never had to fight.  Others weren't so lucky.

I don't mean to depress anyone.  I just want to show that I remember.  And on the 12th I will change my avatar and title back to normal and I'll be out gaming and joking with the rest of the world.  But on the 11th I tone down my life and remember the past.


EDIT: I got my home internet back awhile ago.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

No internet

Well, not really.  I have internet here, at McDonalds but not at home.  As you can imagine, this puts some strain on my posting habits on the Escapist and elsewhere...

So yeah, bummer.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Procrastination strikes again!

So yeah, its snowing outside.  I should have done an oil change in my car as well as replaced the brake light and clean out my stuff in the backyard before this inevitability happened.

This sucks but I brought it on myself.


Saturday, 22 September 2012


New GIF on the blog.

How's that for change?

Now to do something with this blog...


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Community page

A few PMs to several staff members throughout the time that it was taken off (not to mention a blog post they may have read on here) seems to have done it.  I, of course, am claiming full responsibility for it. 

What, they may have planned to put it back onto the site all along?  That's an explanation that doesn't make me feel good about myself though!

Nevertheless, I'm happy its back and better than ever.  It even features User Reviews now! :D


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Having a vacation? In the summer? Bullshit!

So after a night of drinking, passing out, waking up and feeling generally fine I'm off to the lake.

Grabbing swimming trunks, one change of cloths and a book.  Going to have a good day and a half out.  I also might be spending another weekend, for a longer period, at the lake next week as I've had my work schedule changed to give me two long weekends for the end of August.

I think I've earned this.  Enjoy your summer friends!


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Job hunting

Because one job that is really tiring just isn't enough.  I'm making enough money to cover my current expenses but I'm saving hardly anything.

So I'm looking at at two cashier jobs at two different pet stores and one restaurant job.  Yay.  Still, hopefully neither of those will involve dragging thousands of pounds of flooring tiles around with malfunctioning pallet jacks.

Wish me luck, I need the money.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The death of a cat and stupid me

No, the two aren't related.

So today I was at work, assuming the schedule was the same as it always is.  Monday I work 6 till 2:30, Tuesday 6-11, Wednesday off and both Thursday and Friday are 8 hour shifts.  Not the case this week.  My day off was moved to today and my 5 hour shift moved to Friday.  So I dunno if I'm getting paid for what I did today or what but I feel stupid.

Regarding a cat dying, my sister's cat is dead after owning him for 10 years.  I've known this cat, Venom, for as long as she's had him.  He a was loud, cuddly and friendly black cat.  Now the only pet she has is the smaller, black tom named Vader who just recently graduated from being called a kitten to full cat status.  He likes scratching me. 

Pets have always had a fond place in my heart.  Although I wasn't as close to Venom as I was to my dog Shasta when he died, I do feel sad now learning about his passing.

A good cat, may he yowl in the afterlife.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Weird thought at work

What if a device was created that allowed not only the recording of dreams but the broadcasting of dreams to others?  We could have professional dreamers, it could be a new art medium.

Total. Mental. Immersion.

That would be so cool...


Friday, 22 June 2012

Internet fame

The SpoonyOne nonsense going on right now?  I went through the thread floating about on it right now.


When I get pissed or act stupid as a nobody...  Nothing really happens.  I don't think I'd ever do something like imply a rape joke or explode into this kind of drama but it is interesting...

I dunno, I'm bored.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bored, sick and tower defense.

Well I'm sick and taking the day off of work.  Also playing this, trying to beat wave 90.  Still kind of bored.

Anyway, beat that! 


Yeah, you will....


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Escapist layout (or here we go again)

Currently in the middle of writing PMs.  I'll edit it my thoughts onto this post at next opportunity.


First, I'll cut to the chase and say what I do like.

I do like how the news, features and columns now appear on the lower half of the screen.  I really enjoy the idea of having a sneak peek at the columns on the page to, with the read more button there.

I also like the concept behind the big slider on top.  If we are able to have all the content slideshow on the top at a set speed or at our own pace as we click through, we can pick out the content that most interests us quickly.

Also, while others have commented on how the forums tab has moved I don't have an issue with that.  Content is on the main bar, the forums are still really accessible.  No problem there at all.

Now for my criticisms and unfortunately I do have several.

A complaint you may have already heard about is the sheer size of the slider on the main page.  It is just kind of awkwardly large in my opinion.  While I like it better than the old news slider, I do think if it was reduced in size by at least a third it would look sleeker and neater.

My second complaint about the main page is probably another you have had fielded before: the decision to move the "Thing about stuff" box with the latest forum posts box.  This box was one of my most used features and a number of my friends have also commented on how they don't like it swapped to the bottom.  I think if new users see there is a vibrant forum community (and that it is prominently displayed on the front page like it was prior to the update), they'll be more inclined to join it.

My second last criticism about the new front page is that custom backgrounds don't appear on it anymore.

As you know, I did work on that signatures background and I always liked being greeted by it whenever I hit my homepage button.  Now I just get the default black and blue gradients.

Now for my most irrelevant comment: I don't really like the white "Escapist" header on the top as much as the traditional blue one.  Perhaps an option to toggle between this shiny white one and the blue one could be implemented?  I just don't like it aesthetically although others have said they do.

Now, just two comments about the site in general.  Since the update I've noticed two things on other pages that I think would be worth fixing.

First of all the changing of the user corner box thing on the right most corner of all the screens.

You can also see the blue Escapist header I like better here.

I absolutely loved the recent comments function and I often used the friends/groups tabs directly from the page that way.  While having that box on the main page is not the greatest idea (in terms of the space it takes up), I don't see why it has to be shrunk for every page users use.  I just think taking away the feature I loved most about the new layout back when the original layout change occurred is unfortunate.

Now for my last comment and it does come back to the custom backgrounds.  Now I may be only noticing this because I made a background but the page has somehow changed since the update.  It's somehow wider?

I followed the template given when making the signatures background and in order to put names as closely as possible to the page (to cram more names in) I went right to the border as outlined by the template.  Now it seems to be breaching that line as you can see by comparing where the 'site' page ends with the motto of the moment and where it seems to go wider a little lower on.

While this may seem like a minor complaint it does cut out one user, Rednog, out of the background completely as he requested having his name horizontally put beside the page.  It also cuts off parts of names.  As this has only come about because of the update I thought I'd point it out.

Now I bring all this up not because I feel my background must work with the site (or the site must work with my background) but because I love this site too much to stay silent about it.  I do appreciate the staffs efforts to constantly improve the main page and I know this update came about due to listening to us.  I just wanted my voice heard.

Thanks for your time.


PM sent to two staff members.


Monday, 4 June 2012

The things that are going on.

New job, making money, building new computer.

Abandoning a few projects, starting others up, dreaming about space and whatnot.  Got a special surprise post on the Escapist planned (even though I f*cked up the 40K thing).  I'm wondering if anyone is reading this.  If you are, do comment below. :P

Anyway, I've given up with the webcomic idea.  Not motivated enough.  I'm going to be dropping 750 bucks this weekend on parts for my new computer.  I can give specs if you're interested later.  I'm working on finding a second job now as well as considering cleaning my room.  Ambitious, I know.

So yeah, that's where I am right now.  I didn't forget about the blog, I just procrastinated.  I do that a lot.  Getting to know me better yet?


I just worked, I'm tired.  And craving salmon.  And beer, strangely enough...


Sunday, 15 April 2012


I may have a job.  Also procrastinating on the big blog post continues.  I think I should just continue going as normal with the blog instead of waiting to post a big one because I just know I'll be at it until May at this rate.

So yeah, still alive albeit with a cough.

And first post of April.


Saturday, 31 March 2012

Monday, 26 March 2012

Here's an update.

I'm broke, no job, procrastinating the big post for the farm and frustrated.


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Still alive

Just procrastinating my post about my family.  I've decided to turn it into one big post instead of two posts so you'll just have to deal with that.


In the meantime, this!


Friday, 24 February 2012

Next two posts will be about the farm and my family

So if you think you'll be bored reading that, this is just your warning.

So yeah, I'm back.  I read all The Walking Dead books my sister has, so up to book 6 of the hardcover series.  I really, really enjoyed them although it took 6 of the books to really get under my skin.  The cannibalism...


Hard to get to sleep the night after finishing it to be honest.

Watched some Gilligan's Island, spent about 6 hours with my grandparents altogether counting yesterday and today.  I learned a lot about my Mother's side of the family and how they all came here to Canada.


Finished a book about Joesph Stalin and his group of madmen.  Holy shit.  Holy fucking shit.  The Walking Dead is scary but these guys were fucking monsters.  Real fucking monsters.  I can really see how lucky I am to have had forefathers who got the hell out of there during the Russian civil war.

What else? 


I like fish.


P.S. Still can't get that webcomic program running. -.-

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Farm

I'm on my way to my grandparent's farm.  Only my uncle lives there now but it is packed full of memories.  This time I'm bringing my camera so I will probably post pictures of it up on here later.  My mom and I are going to visit her parents at a nearby town (in a care home) and then we'll spend the night there.  No internet so I'll see you sometime on Friday.



The Walking Dead

Holy shit are these graphic novels awesome.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Current projects

Well, here's a peak preview into what I'm doing procrastinating on.

Hopefully someday novels:


Dome is something I came up with at work.  Its about a human colony that remains the only stronghold left fighting in an interstellar war lasting centuries.  The reptilian race that remains unnamed at this time launched a massive attack on human colonies in the Milky Way after an unprovoked attack by the GA (global alliance).

Dome is set on this unnamed planet.  It is a barren wasteland of rock and caves with the only surviving feature being the dome, a white giant structure emerging out of the rock that is impervious to all bombardments.  The story is about a man who discovers the conspiracy to keep the war going by a 3rd party and how the social (not to mention genetic composition) of human society has been mutilated in order maintain the stalemate.  Only one book is planned for this universe.

The Reliant:

Planning this one as a trilogy, this one came about as an idea for a role play on the Escapist.  I've really let this one be neglected and it isn't as fresh in my mind but I'll post what I remember from it.

Logan is a cyborg.  He was originally found floating in space, almost dead in his escape pod.  The war with the Swarm, an alien fleet of organisms capable of traveling through space to feed on all life, was in its third desperate year.  He was created among with others to fight the buglike aliens.  He did but like most cyborgs of the project he went rogue, killing the commanders and fleeing.  He ended up getting frozen.

Centuries later he was revived by the "Raiders".  The clan that revived his capsule enslaved him but he managed to eventually rise to become leader.  Surviving humans on the planets all across the galaxy slowly emerged from the safety of the deep caves which had saved their forefathers.  More organized and skillful groups of Raiders left the major clans to pray on the newly restarted commerce routes.

Logan joins and rises to prominence in one of these pirate organizations.  Unfortunately for him, a larger pirate organization headed by an equally ruthless and skilled cyborg surviver decides to destroy Logan's group before it could challenge his superiority.  In the last ship of the pirate consortium Logan crashes after being pursued on a barren desert planet.

Finding a crashed gigantic American built battlecruiser half buried in the sand, Logan encounters the powerful computer built inside which has gained sentience.  Between the two a new ship is made, a crew is found and Logan sets off to get his revenge but a greater threat threatening to eliminate the last shreds of humanity left alive from the Swarm war leads him to evolve as a character and save the galaxy.

I planned two books in this universe or two role plays on the Escapist.  I'm likely going to have better luck just writing it as a novel due to lack of interest.  Safer just to RP with adapted material.

Untitled First Person Narrative: 

Something I started years ago, I created a universe where corporations own their workers.  Planet names are uncreative and are essentially just random letters and numbers.  The basic plot was for a young, frustrated man to join the secret anarchist group set to destroying the corporations and having him a pivotal part of an event that changes future society forever.  Very rough, never got past three chapters. 

I've had more story ideas but they are old and from my Highschool days.  My writing has *hopefully* improved from them.  I could post them here, warts and all, if I was asked.


I have some ideas for a roleplay to be set in the Golden Sun universe (after having written some anonymous fanfiction about it) but it will take some interest before I really get serious on it.  Need to write that thread up.


I want to make a documentary on my Dad's chiropractor.  Not only is he incredibly good at what he does, he has been virtually shut out of his profession due to his ideas being radical compared to standard practice.  He's also 80+ years old and far healthier than myself.  He really has a good story and I would love to make a film about him.

I also would be interested in doing a story about the decline of music in Saskatchewan and how the push is for sports over music in extracurricular activities in schools.

That's my current creative portfolio.  All of them are unfinished, some have been left to fester longer than others.

Feels good listing them out here.  Need to get back to them.  The stories set in space usually have a lot of politics I have associated with them and also Lego ships I've built... <.<

Anyway, my current roleplaying urges are being fulfilled by something totally unrelated to the picture below.  Move along.