Friday, 24 February 2012

Next two posts will be about the farm and my family

So if you think you'll be bored reading that, this is just your warning.

So yeah, I'm back.  I read all The Walking Dead books my sister has, so up to book 6 of the hardcover series.  I really, really enjoyed them although it took 6 of the books to really get under my skin.  The cannibalism...


Hard to get to sleep the night after finishing it to be honest.

Watched some Gilligan's Island, spent about 6 hours with my grandparents altogether counting yesterday and today.  I learned a lot about my Mother's side of the family and how they all came here to Canada.


Finished a book about Joesph Stalin and his group of madmen.  Holy shit.  Holy fucking shit.  The Walking Dead is scary but these guys were fucking monsters.  Real fucking monsters.  I can really see how lucky I am to have had forefathers who got the hell out of there during the Russian civil war.

What else? 


I like fish.


P.S. Still can't get that webcomic program running. -.-


  1. What book about Joseph Stalin? Glad you're enjoying yourself. Keep yourself safe.

    1. It's called "Stalin - The Court of the Red Tsar".

      Very good read, very scary human beings.