Sunday, 19 February 2012

Capitalism, Dundurn and Paul Saunders

So today at work a man dressed in casual clothing with a white jacket came up to me and asked where the french bread was.  Then I showed him where the bread crumbs are.  So, just a normal interaction.  About half an hour later one of my coworkers says "I saw you talking with the boss."

"What boss?"

"The boss."

Turns out the Saskatchewan regional manager of the loblaws grocery store chain was that guy.  He walked like someone with authority but I was busy stacking bread and hurrying up to my next task and I really didn't think about it.  That guy has the power to blacklist me from pretty much 80% of the province's supermarkets if he felt like it.

That's the kind of the guy you expect to be wearing a suit everywhere.  Apparently he doesn't even live in Saskatoon, he just sometimes goes driving across the province to randomly check stores himself.  My initial perception of him was that of a teacher or something.  My senses must be off.

In other news, I heard from a friend that there is a movie being filmed in Dundurn Saskatchewan.  DO WANT!  Film productions from out of province always look for local work because it is way cheaper for them to hire locally than haul a guy out from LA to film it.  I'm going to see if I can get involved so that will mean I'll actually be networking!

I would eat half my game cartridges if it would give me a chance to actually film a movie, any movie, and get paid.  Experience like that doesn't come by often in the prairies so I'm crossing my fingers and checking out websites to learn more.


Even now as I'm typing this I'm hearing his voice narrating both my thoughts and this sentence.  While this has given me a great idea for an interesting/humorous thread on the Escapist I am quite tired of living in this Roughrider fan's head.  Now if only some day we could make canvass with boobs...


Send help.


P.S. Procrastinating on the webcomic, just as planned!

EDIT: So the film is being produced by Anand Ramayya who runs KarmaFilm.  It is based out of Saskatoon.  Why I haven't heard of this company before and/or why I haven't been contacting them is beyond me.  This is looking better but I still need to get hired. <.<