Sunday, 26 August 2012

Community page

A few PMs to several staff members throughout the time that it was taken off (not to mention a blog post they may have read on here) seems to have done it.  I, of course, am claiming full responsibility for it. 

What, they may have planned to put it back onto the site all along?  That's an explanation that doesn't make me feel good about myself though!

Nevertheless, I'm happy its back and better than ever.  It even features User Reviews now! :D


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Having a vacation? In the summer? Bullshit!

So after a night of drinking, passing out, waking up and feeling generally fine I'm off to the lake.

Grabbing swimming trunks, one change of cloths and a book.  Going to have a good day and a half out.  I also might be spending another weekend, for a longer period, at the lake next week as I've had my work schedule changed to give me two long weekends for the end of August.

I think I've earned this.  Enjoy your summer friends!


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Job hunting

Because one job that is really tiring just isn't enough.  I'm making enough money to cover my current expenses but I'm saving hardly anything.

So I'm looking at at two cashier jobs at two different pet stores and one restaurant job.  Yay.  Still, hopefully neither of those will involve dragging thousands of pounds of flooring tiles around with malfunctioning pallet jacks.

Wish me luck, I need the money.