Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cleaning and more procrastination.

You know how I tell when my room is too messy for even me?  When I can't find my games.  Pokemon Leaf Green has been AWOL for a month and even that hasn't motivated me enough to clean it.  Now that the entire DS is gone, I'm more motivated.  Problem?  11:46 PM.  *sighs*

I am famous for an eleventh hour victory maneuver.  Nearly didn't get my Documentary Film Certificate due to me having work to do after graduation in order to get all the marks in on time.  So far no catastrophic failures but one of these days the universe is going to put its hand on my shoulder and be all like: "You know all that luck you've been having since High School?  Collection time."

More random rambling?  Alrighty.  I think I've started a second wind of Forum Games obsession.  I've been thinking about new game ideas constantly, been going through my 2.5 pages of forum bookmarks (I ought to make a post here about them some time) and I've been F5ing again.  Since back in, I think, June I had begun to slow down.  Dunno why.  I started posting in OT more again.  I suppose there might be a cycle I'm not aware of yet that I'm following.  In anycase I don't subscribe to that one guy's graph...




I like cats a lot but as friends.  Also male cats are generally much less bitchy hormonal insane and unpredictable.  Dogs on the other hand?  Pure platonic love.  I can have an arrangement with a cat and enjoy it but if I have a dog I am the master and he/she is my ever ready follower.  Loyal to the end!

I must be tired if I'm posting like this.  So, to conclude this post that doesn't have a webcomic in it have another picture.

Hell, have some music too.  I've had this on loop for about two days now.

Sebastian!  Woof!


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