Friday, 13 January 2012

Dreaming obsession

I'll just copy paste this from my post in my Escapist dream group:

"I was supposed to wake up 3 hours ago but I just had to continue this dream. I went back to sleep to continue the dream.
You see I was in this giant apartment and apparently I was one of the eldest siblings in a massive family. At first I was giving a tour to someone, possibly an imaginary girlfriend, of the house. She couldn't believe how big it was or that we had three stoves (two modern and one old), two refrigerators, four microwaves and a walk in pantry. I explained that my parents had become landlords and they owned two apartments. They knocked down a wall and made a giant kitchen, although a tiny kitchen with older appliances remains in one corner as a place where the kids can learn to make their food. This is similar to what my sister's inlaws have in real life.
The dream progressed and after playing some Freelancer on my computer in my cramped personal space in the attic (away from everyone else) I was summoned to help make supper. My cooking was as bad as it was in real life and everyone bugged me about it. After watching a movie while eating (I think it was a Die Hard movie), my duty was to get my brothers and sisters (though a good number of them were real life cousins and my nephew and niece) to bed. Brushing everyone's teeth was easy enough, getting them to stay in their beds was nearly impossible.
I went on patrol, had to stop a massive pillow fight in this one giant room and kept trying to get my nephew Jaspar and my niece Ivy to go to sleep. In the end I had to confiscate a bunch of lightsaber toys as they wouldn't stop playing with them. I had to go on patrol again and people in the other rooms. There were about seven rooms and one massive living room filled with bunk beds. I had to inspect at least 26 beds with kids in them to ensure they were asleep. There were also strange noises and I kept imagining a thief outside the apartment.
One room had two cats inside who could talk. One was my sister's cat Venom who treated me like an old friend and one was a talking cat who starred in a show. I spent some time with them before returning to the patrol in the main hallway. I had to go back to the room I was mainly in charge of and had to keep ordering the kids into their beds and to try and sleep. I myself felt exhausted by this point.
Then, suddenly these strangers come into the room with my Dad. Apparently some sort of government funded test for young children about bi-sexuality. It made me furious and when I kept moving around in my bed my dad angrily demanded I take the quiz too. I was so tired and mad that I just answered all the questions N/A, writing furiously. I had gone through all the trouble of finally getting everyone almost asleep and here they were wide awake for this test bullshit.
I finished the test and fell asleep. I vaguely remember starting a new dream in a Minecraftian landscape before my Mom demanded I get up. It is now 1:30 PM and I started the get up, resume dream cycle at 10:00 AM.
Ever get those dreams you just feel compelled to finish? This was one of them for some reason. It almost felt like everytime I woke up in the real world, I was slacking off on my duties in the dream world.
So yeah, now to actually accomplish something today. Cause I spent all my time dreaming until now."


Well, I have no idea why I can't get up.  I tried valiantly and yet there was this force continually dragging me back into this universe my brain had made.  Is it possible I'm just too fond of dreaming?  It's caused problems for me in the past (almost made me late for the most important exam of my university's term).  Today, fortunately, I just didn't have anything to do today besides the usual look for work routine.

I dunno.  This is a weakness and a strength as sometimes my dreams are really inspiring.  I know of two stories I'm working on that were directly influenced by a dream.  My biggest fear is that someday in the future I will sleep in and miss a custody hearing for my children or something and lose everything.

So yeah, learning how to get up when I need to get up has been a battle with me.  Since forever.


P.S. Last day before my return to the forums.  Feeling much less angry though :P

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