Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The day so far.

Mixed day at the halfway point.  2 good points, 3 bad points.

Good first:

- While working I end up helping an old woman with cakes.  Takes me ten minutes to help her and I clock out late but I get called a gentleman.  LIKE A BAWS.

-Got new headphones that are better than my $5 pair.  Then I ate an amazing turkey sub for lunch.

Bad now:

-My department manager at work slipped and hit her head on some ice yesterday, I just found out now.  She's going to be out of the store meaning the store manager will be making our schedules.  He's a jerk and he cuts our hours, hours I desperately need in order to afford my car/rent payments.  Why couldn't he have slipped on the ice instead?  I mean my department manager isn't a coddler but she gave us free Tim Hortons gift cards for Christmas and is always cheerful.

-Nearly got into an accident and it was my fault.  Was too into the music, wasn't paying attention.  POST IT NOTE ON BRAIN: DON'T JUST ASSUME ITS A FOUR WAY STOP!!

-The cable I use to provide the machine I use for Minecraft and other games is dead.  I won't be able to get a new one strung up for quite some time.  That sucks big time, I'll have to consider getting a new wireless card now seeing as the one I have in it is toast too.  Money, money, money...

And enjoy today's webcomic.  The switchover to new sprites won't happen for 8 or more comics or something.


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