Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The horror

This is the product of five hours folks.  Well, the bulk of that was finding and getting linux to run a linux based comic creator program.  The text has to be edited in on another program as writing words apparently is too much for the comic application.

Another problem with it is it doesn't allow for copy and pasting so if characters look bigger or smaller in seperate panels I'm sorry.  I warned you guys I'm not an artist.  Red here was originally a tiny Sonic the Hedgehog ZP sprite I edited horribly.  I would like to work with sprites that I don't have to edit very much but that's a pipe dream.

So yeah, this is the fruit of my labor.  There are obviously going to be more characters and *gasp* possibly backgrounds later on.  I have a story in my head but the mechanics of making a webcomic are still in the prototype stage.  I will tell you now I think it looks like ass but your feedback is what matters to me.

Art is not my forte.  If I can find sprites I can steal and alter for this borrow and modify I will.  Until then, Red is probably going to look like this.  Unless someone can *please* touch him up better than I can...  That reminds me, I have OTHER CHARACTERS to make from this sprite.


Well, don't consider this the start of the series.  Consider this the start of the start of the start of the series.

I need a hug...


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  1. Concept's can make a webcomic more than the art work can (I tend to keep up more with the ones who do different things than the ones with the prettiest pictures) So I'm interested to see where this is going.

    But as feedback goes; The sprite Red might be better as a different colour to the background and have you tried drawing the main comic freehand then scanning it to the computer then editing in the text and background/other stuff?