Saturday, 31 December 2011

Stuck in 2011!

Because I don't think I'll be able to nail a post at the right moment for New Years, here it is in advance.


Friday, 30 December 2011

The Help, snow angels and worry.

I saw "The Help" yesterday and enjoyed it immensely.  It nailed setting, pacing (for a 146 minute film this is critical), believability and emotional impact.  If you haven't seen it, see it.

So besides that I was out with friends.  We had a blast, going to a Wendy's and beating me at cards, talking, shopping, talking, talking, talking, etc.  I had a real blast and I made snow angels.  I'd post pictures but it wasn't my camera.  So you'll have to wait.

My grandmother has been moved to Saskatoon's hospital.  I have no idea what is going on with her.  I know that she couldn't be helped in the best way due to her heart condition and that she is still alive but that's it.  I'm worried because, when I was really young, my grandfather on my mother's side had a stroke and was never the same.  He lost all control of his right side of his body, no longer can speak and finds it hard to remember his family.

Not knowing = anxiety for me.  So I'm worried.  Yesterday really cheered me up but was exhausting in the end as driving back from Saskatoon was foggy, snowy and bad conditions in general.

Well, I fell asleep writing this last night so there you go.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011


My Grandmother on my father's side may have just had one.  More at 11...


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Oh and this


The shoulder

I've frequently been the shoulder friends lean on in times of trouble.  Dunno why but helping someone, even if the situation is horrible, makes me feel better if I can.  For me talking about my problems makes it easier to face them so if I can be the vessel for others to think about it...  All the better.

So far I've talked two people down from contemplating suicide, talked to one person who had sliced his wrists while desperately contacting his family to take him to the hospital, talked to numerous friends about depression, a couple about relationships and a few about knowing when to admit you have a problem.  Other times, I've just been there to hug and comfort. 

I've cried on the shoulder of my sister and she has on mine.  We've had a very healthy relationship that way.  It was her who really got me to deal with my emotions instead of burying them.  I deal with my problems as directly as I can.  I'm not without my faults.  I'm procrastinating on facing a ticket I need to pay off, something I just know will bite me in the ass.  The point I'm trying to make is...

Actually I'm not sure anymore.  I like helping others and I tend to try and stick it alone.  When I do need a shoulder to lean on, they are always there.  That's why if I've been a shoulder for a friend once, I'm always willing to do it again.

This post was inspired by a conversation with a friend.


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Thread made

Here it is!

And I neeeeeed to go now.  I'll post later, Merry Christmas!!


Christmas thread, Santa Video and Edmonton

Well, I was in that suit for 8 hours of sweltering heat.  The money made it worth it.  The video I will edit and put on the internet tomorrow?  Doubly worth it.

Yes, tomorrow is the start of my little Christmas celebration.  Last day of work until next Sunday so I can join my family in our trip to Edmonton.  It's going to be the first time my nephew and niece have been to West Edmonton Mall.  I have a feeling they'll love it.

So, before I leave tomorrow I intend to post a Christmas thread with the video and a few pictures.  It'll likely be the last thing I do before December 24th (getting the gift badge).  Speaking of that gift badge, I totally missed out on the 2009 one. 

Well, I'm needing sleep.  Bad.

Take care folks.


Friday, 16 December 2011

Four hours of Santa

Well, I was Santa Claus from 4-8 today.  Here's how it went:

- Got dressed in the outfit, found the proper ratio of blankets to make the belly fat.

- Sat in chair, fell asleep due to warmth and the comfortable chair for small periods.

- Encountered 12 children throughout the short shift.  5 sat on my lap and got pictures.  3 saw me at a distance and were reduced to tears by my jolly appearance.  4 more saw me but didn't approach or cry.

- Was given a glass of Coke-Cola, giving me the energy to last the latter half of the shift without falling asleep.

- Began to get very hot.

- Was bored.

- Was really, really, really bored.

-Left the restaurant we were shooting at and went to a friends house.

It was, all in all, a really easy job.  Despite the discomfort and the boredom I was paid $48 dollars for my time.  So gas money, yay!

I still have the suit in my possession.  Tomorrow, the last day of this restaurant sit in with Santa thing, is the same shift.  So after I work in the morning at my bakery job I'm going to a party as Santa.  A video of me ordering at Tim Hortons in order to get milk and cookies as Santa with Guile's theme is a possibility.

Tis the season to be eccentric! XD


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Family Matters

I try to be a good Uncle.  I have a nephew named Jaspar and a niece named Ivy.  Both are beautiful children but are very hard to control.  Jaspar is 5, Ivy is 4.  They bounce off each other like oil and water and its hard to control them when they're together.  Alone is a different story.

Jaspar loves building with Lego, something I can join in with him very easily seeing as I still build!  He also loves superheros and making up games to play.  Whenever we have the chance, we use our imaginations to make the best adventures possible inside my Sister's little house.  He draws a lot, is obsessed with cars and can't wait until Christmas.  I want to be a fun Uncle for him, someone who will take him out bike riding when he's old enough as well as other boyish adventures.

Ivy is a very different story.  She's the most princess-like little girl I've ever met.  Princesses, bears, kitties, tea sets...  It's a lot harder to play games she likes when Jaspar is around as he likes to explode around and play rough while Ivy is having a conversation between Smurf stuffies and a dog stuffy.  When I'm alone with her I pick her up and whirl her around.  I tickle her more than Jaspar (who gets "mad" when tickled too much) and we have our little adventures.  I just usually chase her around as playing with her stuffies with her is hard.  She has all these little rules about how we're supposed to talk to each other and its hard to keep track with her.

My sister is a busy person with a lot of things happening.  Primarily she takes care of the kids, often at the usually at the expense of things she would like to do.  She's very reluctant to call in a babysitter when our mom isn't around.  She lives in a house literally right across from my home with my parents so visiting is very easy.

My sister is 12 years older than me so she's 32 and I'm 20.  It was always a harmonious relationship between siblings and I've always considered her my second mom, the younger and funner mom!  She was the one who introduced me to video games, starting with the SNES of our household.  She was the one who got me started into RPG's after I had been gaming for a few years.  She sparked my interest in Manga and Anime (inadvertently) by letting me play a fighter called Ranma 1/2 and explaining where the characters came from.  Seeing her in pain is something I cannot take lying down but this is a line of thought for another post...

My relationship with my dad has always been a difficult one.  He is incredibly busy as he juggles a career as a professional Jazz musician, music teacher, community band leader and parent daily.  From him I inherited my love of reading and music but it came at a cost.  He expected a lot from me as a kid and now as an adult (although he is less vocal about it now as I'm old enough to not need his expectations as my motivation).  He pushed me into 5 unhappy years of Piano, something I hated from day one.  That led to the most violent teenage outbursts of my short life thus far...  As a trumpet player learning from your professional trumpet player father...  You feel inadequate.  I can elaborate more on this later.  We love each other to be sure but dad is always, and I suspect always will be, hard to impress.

My mom calls me her baby boy, much to my chagrin.  She's not an overbearing mother but she always makes sure to know what I'm up to.  She is a great cook, makes amazing jams and salsa and is probably the moral center of my life.  She's far more religious than I am but she isn't pushy about it.  She disapproves of me being on computers or gaming and thinks I'm too lazy for my own good.  This may be true but I'm not going to change my views on video gaming just because she thinks they're a waste of time.  Still, we love each other a great deal.

These have been thoughts about my immediate family.  I could tell you stories about my Uncles and Aunts but I think I'll conclude here for now.  Just felt a need to ramble a bit and hey, that's the title of the blog isn't it?


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Site redesign

Well, saw it coming because of Pubclub.


I actually don't care too much about the home page, its just the loss of the community tab that hurts me the most.  That was my preferred method of selecting user groups plus I was hoping for a return of featured user/user group. 

Also the brightness, it still burns.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cryptic question hint


No.  You're on your own for it.  But thanks for stopping and reading my blog anyways.  Have a pie, on the house.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Redlin reviews


Procrastination kicking in yet again.  However, there are a number of user reviews on the Escapist I want to push out.  Two of them I know I'm going to do movie reviews on and two new series of reviews I want to get going.  We'll start with those:

Redlin's introspective write ups (WORKING TITLE)

I thought I'd do a semi-serious series of reviews about my habits as a person.  Things I would touch on would be my typical meals, my "splurging" habits and other easy to write about habits in my life.  I plan on being a very stern critic with myself and I will write from the perspective of someone who isn't me.

Redlin's Game Jukebox

Primarily going to start with Pokemon music and a count down of the generations best songs in my opinion.  After that?  Well, I guess I could cover other games I know well.  We'll see how those go.

Movie reviews take a lot more motivation and planning as I really want to convey my thoughts concisely while retaining the emotions I felt while watching it.  I certainly learned a number of things when my first review hit the Escapist and I hope that my next one will work better or not just be a plot review.  I dunno, here are the movies I know I'm capable of writing about sometime.

A Bridge Too Far

I love war history.  It fascinates me and to date this is my favorite war movie.  However, to someone without a real serious world war fetish interest it could be described as long.  I dunno, I really need to watch it again with the review mindset in mind.

The Flight Of The Phoenix

The 1965 or original film about a plane crashing in the desert.  I've always liked survival stories, real or not (watch "Stranded: I've come from a plane that crashed on the mountains" for a real life horror survival story!) and this one just strikes me as one of those classic films.  Will it hold up to the modern audience's standards?  We'll see.  (Hint: I like it)

Reviews for me take work.  Mostly because I want to do a good job and I don't want my forum habits from FG infecting my writing at all.  So when I have the time/motivation the film reviews will probably go up.  The others?  Likely sooner.

Plus there is a certain video I need to make.


Friday, 2 December 2011

Driving conditions

Just a short post although I do want to do a full post about my love affair with the act of driving.

It rained last night and has frozen over.  The roads are as icy as Sevre's heart I've ever seen them and I haven't even driven into the city today.  If you see a thread about a first accident, it could very well be me.

Thank you Saskatchewan.  I wanted my new car to possibly get damaged today >.<


Thursday, 1 December 2011



Due to someone else (who will remain nameless >.>) considering taking time away from the net, I thought I'd post my feelings on me leaving. 

Feelings: Mixed

I get this thought into my head every so often that if I wasn't so active online, I'd have more time to progress my career, get a second job, spend time with my nephew and niece... etc.  I kind of half feel that I'm too plugged into the net and that it isn't healthy.


I love the communities I'm involved with, I have a ton of fun, I managed to get through University without any issues and I would hate to lose friends.  The last part is my biggest sticking point.  If I'm not around to talk to or I'm not goofing around on the forums; there isn't much incentive to talk to me really <.<

Unplugging permanently?  Unlikely.  However, at some point I may have to get myself banned for a year or something.  I'd never leave the Escapist or the internet completely unless for some reason I was incapable of it (or dead o.o).

So the blogs will continue to roll out.

[This hasn't been an attempt to make anyone stay on the net, I was just posting my thoughts >.>]