Friday, 16 December 2011

Four hours of Santa

Well, I was Santa Claus from 4-8 today.  Here's how it went:

- Got dressed in the outfit, found the proper ratio of blankets to make the belly fat.

- Sat in chair, fell asleep due to warmth and the comfortable chair for small periods.

- Encountered 12 children throughout the short shift.  5 sat on my lap and got pictures.  3 saw me at a distance and were reduced to tears by my jolly appearance.  4 more saw me but didn't approach or cry.

- Was given a glass of Coke-Cola, giving me the energy to last the latter half of the shift without falling asleep.

- Began to get very hot.

- Was bored.

- Was really, really, really bored.

-Left the restaurant we were shooting at and went to a friends house.

It was, all in all, a really easy job.  Despite the discomfort and the boredom I was paid $48 dollars for my time.  So gas money, yay!

I still have the suit in my possession.  Tomorrow, the last day of this restaurant sit in with Santa thing, is the same shift.  So after I work in the morning at my bakery job I'm going to a party as Santa.  A video of me ordering at Tim Hortons in order to get milk and cookies as Santa with Guile's theme is a possibility.

Tis the season to be eccentric! XD


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  1. That sounds like fun. An $40 isn't bad for what sounded like a pretty easy job.