Thursday, 1 December 2011



Due to someone else (who will remain nameless >.>) considering taking time away from the net, I thought I'd post my feelings on me leaving. 

Feelings: Mixed

I get this thought into my head every so often that if I wasn't so active online, I'd have more time to progress my career, get a second job, spend time with my nephew and niece... etc.  I kind of half feel that I'm too plugged into the net and that it isn't healthy.


I love the communities I'm involved with, I have a ton of fun, I managed to get through University without any issues and I would hate to lose friends.  The last part is my biggest sticking point.  If I'm not around to talk to or I'm not goofing around on the forums; there isn't much incentive to talk to me really <.<

Unplugging permanently?  Unlikely.  However, at some point I may have to get myself banned for a year or something.  I'd never leave the Escapist or the internet completely unless for some reason I was incapable of it (or dead o.o).

So the blogs will continue to roll out.

[This hasn't been an attempt to make anyone stay on the net, I was just posting my thoughts >.>]


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  1. I would also be disappointed to see you go, but if it were to happen, I would understand. (And also hope that I would get *some* way to contact you.)