Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Helping my father

Today I went into the city to handle some sound recording with my dad as he and a piano player selected songs they wanted for their Christmas concert and CD.  It was a new system, to both of us so there was (and still are) a few glitches in the setup but we were both pleased with the signal (the primary sound you want) recording.  We set up two mics in the aisles of the chapel, one on my dad to get a direct line on his trumpet, two on the piano (one getting the high register and one getting the bass) and one backup mic for the mix.  Despite the glitches the sound turned out alright and I tried to learn from the experience as much as I could.

Helping my dad with his music has been something I've done all throughout my life.  The equipment, from the 90's to now, has been getting progressively lighter but I learned from a young age how to carry seven things at once as to save time.  Cords were never my forte and only University professors have really pointed me in the right direction for proper cord wrapping.  In anycase I think that spending years with my Dad behind stage, working with sound, speaker equipment and setting up a stage for his dixieland bands or his Jazz quartets was the start of what geared me for a career in production.  I've always been comfortable around big equipment (and expensive equipment too!) because of my father using me as his 'gopher'.  Many a late night in my memory has been spent with him tearing down sound stages, moving giant speakers, lights, talking with his Jazz musician friends, waiting to go home at 3 AM after a long 5 hour show.  Good times...

Sorry, I don't know if there was any point to all of this, I just wanted to talk about it seeing as it was on my mind when I got home.  I'll be housesitting (just being in the house while my nephew and niece are asleep) for my sister as she is going to get her car all clean and in selling condition tonight.

Life goes on in Saskatchewan.


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