Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Well, I picked up Bioshock from a Giant Tiger for 10 bucks the other week and I've been playing it off and on.  I'm enjoying the atmosphere, the combat, most everything.  The only thing that is really bothering me is that the game has hit up one of my most irrational phobias.

I am irrationally afraid of conversations/dialogue about genetics, DNA altering and viruses.  Messing with the building blocks of who a person is just gets me all shivery and shaky.  When I was in Highschool and in Biology (or earlier science classes that touched on it) I would have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom.  I would huddle to the cold floor of the bathroom, shaking and sweating thinking about it until I forced myself to snap myself out of it.

I'm older now and able to deal with it better but I still need to excuse myself from time to time to distract myself from my fears.  I have no idea why it bothers me so much, it just hits a trigger in my brain and I know my body is reacting to a percieved threat.  So when you first inject a plasmid into your arm in the game and it goes all weird with Atlas talking about your genes changing; I had to physically leave the room.  I'm not very far in the game but I know this will likely come up again.

Man, I feel like such a wimp >.<



  1. it will come up numerous times(the sticking the needle in your arm for plasmid recharging thing) I've seen the entire game played but I'm still slowly working my way through it. I have it on Steam and am borrowing it on the PS3

  2. I should really get back to playing "Bioshock." Bought it when it was $15 on the PS3, but only got about 2 hours in.