Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Drugs, health and bad food. A typical work morning.

So today at work my mind wandered, as it always does.  Today was notable for the beginning of the Christmas music marathon that will last until Christmas.  So my cheery acceptance of Christmas music will likely take a hit as these songs repeat and repeat....

What, oh right the title.  So there was an 'unexpected' health and safety inspection today.  Not really unexpected when I hear from guys working in produce (I work in a grocery supermarket by the way) that the manager got a call from the regional manager or something two hours before the inspection that it was coming.  So in my head I suddenly created a vast corporate conspiracy with company spies in all the government regulatory offices working jobs in the offices and making secret communiques when an inspection hits.  I would totally be a company spy, seems like an excuse to brag about being a spy without actually dealing with people trying to kill you.

Drugs?  Heh, well it seems less funny now but I could have sworn I heard "Manager to till 7 for a cocaine exchange" while working with frozen bread.  So naturally I start daydreaming about the place being a gigantic drug factory and that the buns I was automatically bagging actually had pills baked in.  It might surprise you but I can daydream without impeding my ability to pick something up and set it down XD

Bad food.  This is a bit of a stupid thing on me.  See I woke up late so I opted not to be late for work and skipped breakfast.  Normally it isn't a big deal but ended up having to do some extra lifting due to someone not doing frozen product last night.  Anyway, I got very very hungry while working.  So, on my break I went to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart.  I picked up a one litre carton of milk to drink and was going to get a cinnamon bun.  They were out so I looked for a substitute.  Hello two things of potato chips on special.  Not a good thing to eat in the morning :/

So, another exciting day in Saskatchewan...


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