Thursday, 6 February 2014


Well this is getting busy.

I have a business meeting today where I get marked as it were a class based on my appearance and my business card (which I had shipped to me earlier this week).  After that I plan to meet up with an English prof and go through my current novel and get his thoughts/suggestions on how I can move towards getting it eventually published after I've finished my first draft.  After that I have to do some group work then go home and get a good night of sleep in because if I don't wake up early and lobby hard for myself, I might not be the camera operator/director of photography for this 3 page script we're shooting that I really, REALLY want to be the one in charge of the camera for.

Then after that I have to do a presentation and then I'm finally done for reading break.

Or not really.

I have an Essay and I want to film an inspiration video during that time.  Plus friends want to do some sort of Let's Play thing.

University.  It gets you running.

I'd post more on the Escapist and stuff but I'm actually fighting the clock these days.  My relief valve right now is Pokemon, which I'm playing more than I have in the last 6 months.  Thank god for portable gaming and thank you guys for an awesome 3DS to do it on. :3



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  1. If you would like, I don't mind doing a read through of your novel as a free peer review. I hope everything goes well for you though sweetie. *hugs*